Safari Jet-Ski Exploration I

With Private Guide


2h / 55Kms

( Recommended )



All included for 2 people / Guide


- Program duration 2h (Jet Ski 1.5h + stop about 30min) 

- Safety briefing by experienced French instructor

- Self-cruising 55 kms  1.5h of PURE HAPINESS !!!

- Beautiful scenery between mountains and rivers

- The famous bridge over the river Kwai

- Fish farms, birds, water buffaloes, lizards, horses...

- The amazing pier of Kanchanaburi

- Floating homes and restaurants towed by boats

- Genuine Thai-houses and resorts on the river

- Full power at the junction of river Noi & Yai

- Continue the route to the famous Wat Tham Sua

- Visit dragon temple Wat Ban Tam & cave 

- More than 10 temples and chinese cemeteries by the river

- Swimming on the clean and fresh water

- Sunset on the river Kwai Yai ( Depend time )


Jet Ski General Informations


Quality Jet-Ski Guaranteed



- Private Jet-Ski excursion with guide

- No boat licence driving required

- All included for 2 persons/1 jet ski

- Maximum of 2 adults per jet ski

- Driving allowed 16 years old with 1 parent

- Free for one children under 12 years old

- Extra 2 children under 12 years old (+3000THB)

- Extra person + 12 years old (+3000THB)

- Extra Jet-Ski (+6000THB)

Private VIP Van from Bangkok

Bangkok - Kanchanaburi - Bangkok (+3800 THB)

Private Air-conditioned car from Sayok

Sayok - Kanchanaburi (+ 1500 THB)

Sayok - Kanchanaburi - Sayok (+2500 THB )


We like this trip for the beauty and diversity of landscapes...

Exploration trip on heavenly river Kwai.  Just Memorable !





Exploration Trip I 2h ( about 55 kms ) is our most popular private Jet-Ski Safari Guided in 2018

The best Way to explore Kanchanaburi and surroundings by the river Kwai.


100% ADRENALINE and SENSATION for drivers and passengers !!!


The conditions are perfect everyday since there is no wind, no waves,.. just a calm tropical river to ride !

You can use your own camera or GoPro Hero and stay dry all the way if you want...

You just need to follow the guide at your pace !!! 

Slowly for novices and photographs or faster for people come for a great experience on a clean and fresh water.


The program starts after a safety briefing and recommandations by a experienced instructor ( English / French spoken )

Now you ready to self-cruising a comfortable and powerful watercraft High Class 4 strokes.

Moderate speed along the resorts and old temples to the surprising pier of Kanchanaburi where are parked a hundred of floating houses, nightclubs and restaurants. After 10 minutes, we will  reach the junction of the River Kwai Noi and Yai called Mae Klong / Three colors river and take the route to Wat Tham Sua.


From that time, all riders start to have a good control and are ready to follow the guide for 20 mins of great and sharp curves  in this wonderful scenery along the limestone mountains, fish farms, old temples to the last dam of Tha Muang. - One stop to visit the amazing dragon temple called Wat Baan Tam built. The original cave with big buddha inside

(period 12/15 century). 


After refresh, continue the jet-ski  program on the River Kwai Noi .

This section of the trip appears to be a movie in which you will be a privileged to observe wildlife,

Riding along the jungle with a great sensation of freedom being the only ones on the river.

ou will have the chance to see people living and fishing by the river, places that are totally unvisited by tourists, fish farms, horses ranch,  local animals such as the water buffalo and several kind of birds..


To end this journey, we will stop to enjoy the sunset ( depend time ) and swimming on the river Kwai Yai before going back to the famous bridge over the river Kwai, place of interest for many tourists in Kanchanaburi due to the history during the Second World War where you could spend a while before going back to your hotel.

Memorable trip guaranteed for your stay at Kanchanaburi !!!